The Covid-19 “new normal”

The COVID 19 pandemic has changed the lives and needs of HCPs, patients and other stakeholders. Actions, measures and brands are being evaluated from new perspectives. Companies need to be sensitive to this and position themselves correctly on important issues.

Does your company/product contribute to the common good?

How does your company/product optimally support patients and HCPs?

Is your company/product positively visible during the crisis?

Challenges in the COVID-19 pandemic

How to keep your professional target group aware of your product if you cannot be on site?

How to interact with patients at a distance via workshops or other formats?

How to organise KOL advisory boards and other events?

What are the new needs and attitudes of your customers?

What field service strategies match the new reality of HCPs?

What channels are best suited for brand communication at present?

What is the optimal way for field staff to meet doctors digitally?

How to react promptly to the constantly changing situation and current requirements?

How does your message need to be adapted to the new situation?

What channels can you use to educate the target patient group affected by Covid-19?

Our Covid-19 solutions

Strategic messaging

We are always up to date and in touch with the issues relevant to HCPs and patients and will help you to strike the right note.

Rep communication

We know the needs of HCPs in the current situation as well as the barriers that prevent F2F contact. We help you to overcome them.

Multichannel marketing

We monitor the most important trends on all channels. Continuous monitoring of MCM measures enables us to react quickly by putting appropriate measures in place at the right time, in the right channel.

Virtual events

We know the current tools and are in contact with various service providers. This enables us to offer suitable solutions for every event format.

Customized creative solutions

Together with you, we develop creative ideas adapted to the individual challenges you face.